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Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday 6th February- Glossy Box review!


I think I should point out now that over the weekends I wont be posting, purely because I'm either not home or CCH and I are enjoying our weekend together! We had a lovely weekend, went for a meal at our favourite pub, The Bumble Bee where we drank wine and ate a stupid amount of food, needless to say it was lovely! The rest of the weekend was spent watching TV and organising wedding stuff- I actually want the wedding to hurry up and be done with now... 

Anyway today's post is primarily about my wonderful Glossy Box which my dear Postlady delivered this morning! It came pretty quickly, although I've had problems logging onto my account since ordering simply because I've forgotten which email address I signed up for. Anyway, the outside box of Glossy Box is wonderful within itself, and on opening the outer box I found a beautiful bright pink box which now will live on view in my living room as its sooo pretty! Everyone know's that Glossy Box's are always beautifully presented and mine was no exception- I really had to work hard at not being 5 and ripping it all open before I'd had time to photograph it. 

I had the following gems of beauty in my box:
Eyeko Skinny Eyeline in Midnight Blue, absolutely lovely!! I really don't need to say much more! Does exactly what it says on the 'tin'- great for precision lining and the colour is beautiful. I would never have considered anything else but black for my blue eyes but this has just added a really beautiful and easy to manage line to my eye. 9/10
Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream, I haven't been to bed get so cant really comment but I used it on my very dry hands earlier and it gave me a non greasy moisture boost, but I'm not sure if my hands are all firm and what not yet...
Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream, Used below my make up straight out of my shower, but I cant say this blew my world, it went on nicely and felt thick and as though it was making a difference but the smell just wasn't doing much for me, not a bad smell, just not floral and pretty like I expected. 6/10
FAB Gentle Body Wash, Well it wasn't actually a body wash which I received, it was a body moisturier. Again with the smell, perhaps my sense of smell is all wrong at the moment but it just wasn't floating my boat. However, I used it all over and on the area's on my body which have been really itchy in the past few days from my fake tan it has helped. 6/10
Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer in Dewy Finish, I'm sorry bloggers, I just cant post a picture of me before and after make up application! I was so excited to use a primer as I've never used one before. Umm... it was nice, it gave me a slight coverage with a fresh and light feeling but I could have achieved this by using a tinted moisturiser. I'm going to give it a few days before I make my mind up completely, I'll keep using it and see how my skin gets on with having another layer of stuff on it for 12+ hours. Currently my skin feels smooth and 'dewy' but we'll shall see on this product which I've longed for for so long...6/10

All round I'm delighted with my Glossy Box, I cant afford to buy luxury products of any kind so at only £10 for 5 item's I feel like I am getting some little pieces of unobtainable items for a fraction of a price, and not the huge guilt when I realise I don't like the products after a massive hit to my bank balance!

UPDATE on Lightening Maqueen- My lovely Bunny has been making a great recovery and has now begun to free roam around the house. The first time he went upstairs I heard him hopping around the landing, then all of a sudden he ran down the stairs, came into the sitting room, stared at me for about 15 seconds then went off for a little longer- clearly checking I was still here! Bless him. He's doing well, no apparent hurting of him missing balls, and he is less destructive. My carpet is finally being less battered! Yes that's the rugby on and NO that is not a poo in front of him, its a rabbit treat!

      Lucy  x

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