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Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's been a while...

Well hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

What a crazy time I've had since I last posted eh! First of all it was my birthday weekend during which I drank far too much and was in bed by 10pm when I had a house full of people, including some who had turned up an hour earlier after travelling for an hour to see me... oops! Then a busy week working with the kids in which I was still hungover and was too lazy to blog. Then was the FAB weekend of my Best Friend Nina's Hen do! It was incredibly fun, even if I do say so myself (as maid of honour who planned the whole weekend). I met some great new ladies and enjoyed the custom made PJ's from the Grooms mum- simple wonderful! Check out the amount of effort she kindly put in- individual PJ's all with a Canadian theme! After that weekend I managed to get a cold and spent the week working with my dad coughing and spluttering (was the Easter Hols, so no kids). By the time the weekend came I was all better and it was time for another amazing weekend- the wedding of the lovely Sam and Barry! Again, a drunkan weekend but simple wonderful. I do enjoy staying in a hotel. Of course more lovely people met, including the lovely Amanda.

Since then I have been very busy with work and generally trying to recover from some very hectic days. And next weekend I will be off to Collie to watch my boy play a rugby match in London! So, right now I need to go and clean my house- bit tricky seen as my hoover died yesterday :( Check out the pics and I promise I will blog very soon with some more interesting stuff.

Oh and I was very surprised to see how many blog views I've had over the past month, despite the fact that I haven't been blogging... Not complaining of course!

      Lucy  x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Actual day- Thursday!

Hola All!

I now realise my mistake, yesterday was Wednesday, not Tuesday as I said in my Blog! I'm pleased that I'm only 100 view away from 2k in views, and that's since January. Yes- I'm pretty chuffed. So today's picture is something I may have posted before, of a lovely friend of me who will probably kill me. But she looks so stunning I just cannot resist!

H.Bomb original. Don't kill me please!! Picture taken at Outline Photography Studio, Ross on Wye.

So this weekend is my birthday. It is fair to say I will probably be a tad drunk, but then again you only turn...23... once, right? Looking forward to seeing some old friends from B.Well too- bring it on! Did a very long 11 hour day today so sat here, ready for Celebrity Juice, day dreaming of my bed. Also it was lovely to bump into an old friend today who had lots of lovely things to say :)

Right, that's me done, brain isn't functioning...

      Lucy  x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A regular sort of Tuesday

Hi Bloggers,

I really feel like I have slowed down with this blogging in the past few weeks so this is me making a concious effort in trying to get back in there! I have thus decided to again blog a picture a day, and these photo's will mostly be my own work from my degree or recent snaps I've taken. I feel really bad that I haven't done much/any photography recently at all and would love to get back into it! If your reading this- please feel free to suggest things I can take photographs of- I like mini projects :)

'Dad's Hand' from the project "You, me and us" 2010.

That's all for today, sorry it's such a short one! Oh and don't forget it's my birthday on Saturday!

       Lucy  x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

15th March 2012

Hidyhi Bloggers, 

Once again I have been a busy bee and neglected my blog slightly! Hope you have all had a lovely week or so, cant wait to hear all about it! Today's blog is again a bit of a mish mash of whats on my mind, but mostly about the arrival of the latest Glossy Box...

Ahhh sweet Glossy Box, how I do love your arrival, even when the post lady wakes me up ringing the door bell! And this months Glossy Box was a special arrival called "The Harrods Edition". Now, I have once been to Harrods and was totally over whelmed by the sheer volume of expensive items so to receive my own little selection of items from them was a lovely surprise! 

Versace 'Vanitas' Eau De Parfum, Now, I am an old faithful to Vera Wang 'Princess' so to have a new perfume is a bit of a big deal for me! Glossy Box describes the smell as "Rich and voluptuous with notes of tiare flower, lime and freesia", and although I'm no expert in spotting scents I LOVE the over all smell of this perfume. For me it make me feel like I'm wearing a smell perfect for my every day life which doesn't make me smell like a teenager or like my grandmother. And the bottle, although small, is to die for! 5/5

Bliss- Blood Orange and White Pepper body butter, Okay in all fairness I havent properly tested this product all over my body, only a quick slather on my arms just now, but generally it feel lovely, it hasnt left a greasy residue on my skin which I find is a big plus, however the citrus scent doesn't do a whole lot for me, but I guess to others it may smell fresh and have the same effect as similar smelling 'wake up shower gels'. I wont bin this item but probably wont use it every day. 3/5

Revive- Intensite Crème Lustre SPF30, At the grand old age of 22 (soon to be 23) I don't think I can give a fair review on a product which claims to firm and 'reduce the appearance of sagging skin', but on the whole it smells pretty neutral and is nice to use straight out of the shower before make up as it doesn't sit on my skin and make my makeup float off around 3pm. Oh and anything with a SPF must be good- right? 3/5

Lancome- Teint Miracle, I don't fully believe all the jargon about reflecting light blah blah but aside from that this is my 2nd favourite product from this months Box. My mum used to use Lancome products and this reminds me of her, especially the smell- its simply bliss to me! I'm one of those gals who uses their fingers to apply her foundation as I find it lets me really spread it all over evenly and into all the nooks and cranny's of my face! Really lovely coverage, really silky feel and last a really long time! Oh and the bottle is almost as cute as the Versace perfume! 5/5

Clarin's Extra Firming Body Creme, Uumm, why send more Clarin's when there was 2 tubes sent last month? And also 2 body items in one box? Same as last month- Clarin's doesn't smell that great to me but anything which claims to firm will be worth using when I run out of everything else! 2/5

In other news, very pleased that every thing is paid for for Nina's upcoming Hen do- cannot wait. Big Thanks to all the other Hens with their cooperation, and also a big congrats to the Medics as they finish all their exams this week! I wish I could post about where we are going and what we are doing when we get there BUT its all surprises to the future Mrs MacLaren! Also very pleased now that hotel is booked for the upcoming wedding of Sam and Barry, £117 for 2 nights in Cardiff Bay- don't mind if I do! Also very much looking forward to meeting Amanda (and Ben, although I might have already met him but don't remember...).

Oh and remember last weeks challenge of finding a turquoise nail polish? I succeeded! The little beauty is "Rimmel 60 second" nail polish in 'Sky High'. Fab colour although polish claims it is a 'one coat nail varnish'- I did 2 as it gave a much more even colour. Sorry, no pics this week but I will be wearing it out with me tomorrow night so picture to follow!

That's all for today folks,

    Lucy  x

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A (mostly) Bunny related post

Good afternoon all!

As the title of this blog suggests this is mostly a Bunny related post. As some of you may know poor Bunny had mites in his ears a few weeks ago. Good news- after a quick trip to the vets they are all gone! Most of it was scattered around my carpet (yuck) but he seems like a whole new bunny. He even gives me cuddles every morning and is starting to come up onto the sofa with me. Bless him, he has been crazy ever since and this picture just proves it. (This ball used to have hay in it- and yes I did have to pull it off his head!!)

In other news- I have started working for my parents again, just doing a few odd pieces for them- I'm really happy to be back with them :) I have been doing wedding things all week, all of my invites are written out, flowers organised, cake chosen, centre pieces and catering sorted. DAHH-NNAAHHH!! I feel like a winner! Also a productive week in terms of business stuff, lovely and all done, house is lovely jubbly. Only slight bother is Glos Uni phoning me up today and telling me I owe money. UM, no. Thank god student finances are actually being great and telling uni where to go!

Very boring post, sorry!! Need to do my nails....
      Lucy  x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Bronica Post

Dear Birthday Fairy,

Please can I have a Bronica SQA 6x6 preferably with a metered prism for my birthday? I swear it wont even cost much more than £200 and I will promise to be reeeeaaalllyyyy good! Alternatively, can I somehow find out that I never actually sold mine and it is in a box tucked away safe for me to find on my birthday?

Thanks, Love from  
     Lucy  x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Got that Sunday night feeling...

Hola readers,

Ahhh I do hate dropping my man off on a Sunday, hopefully one day soon there will be no more goodbyes on a Sunday! Cant wait until next weekend now either :)

So just a short post today, was amazed to see how many hits I've had today seen as I haven't posted in a few days- must be all of you checking what to buy me for my birthday..(see below)... It's been a great weekend, lots of rugby and drinks to say goodbye to some dear friends who are moving, then today I had a visit from the one and only Mike Napier who is a friend from uni who I haven't seen in years. A day of lounging and walking and giggling- not to mention discussing everyone from uni... hehe! Also, a very beautiful and talented lady has been trying her hand at flower arranging for a HUGE upcoming event, and on her first try has produced some really beautiful stuff. Sorry about image quality, it will improve I swear.

Whilst reminiscing with Nappy we decided we need to get back onto making some pictures, I think I've got my next idea for a project but am actually looking forward taking some time over it- none of this '6 weeks until deadline' crap, I will take as long as I want to thank you very much! More on that later. However for this week- my aims are:

  • To write out my wedding invitations
  • buy some Turquoise nail varnish
  • decide what I'm going to do with my hair
  • do some running followed by boxing with Little Luce. 

Looks like it's going to be a good week folks, I leave you with a picture of me and Piper taken by a fantastic photographer and a long lost friend, Jocelyn Allen

                           Lucy  x